I’m Tania, a slow traveller and wanderluster.
If I could describe myself in a few words, I like to define as a melting pot of Italiannes.
I was born in the shadow of a Castle of Fondi, a town halfway between Rome and Naples. My grandparents were from Calabria and Sicily. But I live in Milan.
My life is a jumble of tradition, culture and dialects.
This is the reason I have always been an open-minded, curious and passionate person.

When I was little girl, I traveled with my imagination thanks to a series of books about a gnome who travels the world.
I have an high school diploma in tour operator and I’m graduate in tourism science.
During my studies I was a tour guide, I worked in a travel agency and in a hotel. I worked in a pizzeria and party shop. I was an children’s entertainer and insurance agent.

When I turned 18 I started traveling and I never stopped. I took a train to Milan and then a plane to Tunisia. In 2010 I lived in Vancouver for 6 months and started my first travel blog.
In 2013 I realized my dream of going to Japan for my honeymoon.

about me vancouver 2010

For me, traveling is to discover the world and myself. It is ever-changing. My way of traveling has changed over time: from the holiday in the tourist village, to eat and go tourism. But I came back more tired than before.

Now I like to travel slow and responsible. When I choose a destination, I enter a few stops and enjoy the authenticity of the place:

  • get lost in the streets of Asakusa (Tokyo)
  • taking a 14-hour train ride to China and sharing meals with fellow travelers, unable to communicate.
  • admire the circle of life in the African savannah.

I will never stop traveling the world, but I would also like to bring the world to me, to Italy.

10 things about me

  1. I met my husband when I was 15. We have never left each other. He’s my travel buddy 😎
  2. We have a beautiful babyboy, born in 2020 during the pandemic
  3. I love pets
  4. I love dance: ballet, street dance, traditional dance
  5. My favorite tv series ever is Friends and Boris (italian series)
  6. I love eat and cook. But above all eat.
  7. I like to cook recipes from the countries I have visited
  8. I like to photograph but I am not a photographer
  9. When I travel I like to listen themed playlist with local music
  10. I suffer from seasickness

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