A Different Way To Visit Italy

Dolce far niente comes from many childhood dream.

Devote myself to my passion and share my travel experiences.

Create itineraries and promote the italian cultural, food and wine heritage thanks to my academic preparation. Promote a different way of traveling, slow and sustainable travel, suitable for all types of travelers, even those with only 2 weeks of vacation. The blog is aimed at independent travelers who like to travel slow or would like to start doing it.

Dolce far niente means sweet doing nothing: the essence of doing nothing and enjoying it.

It is my way of defining slow travel in Italy.

A journey to discover lesser known Italy, but in my opinion the most authentic one: villages to get lost in, local food, traditions. Experience the beautiful country like a local.

dolce far niente italy

Here you will find all the information you need to build your trip independently: what to see, what to do, what to eat and much more.

Let yourself be inspired by my slow itineraries and my Dolce far niente.

You will find me to walk and wander through Italy, admire its artistic and landscape treasures, enjoy delicious dishes.

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